Rachel Elaine Grapes Memorial Celebration 2009

On Rachel's first birthday we celebrated her life with us and her life now with God. Everyone that attended released a balloon in memory of Rachel. Family members sent a letter to Rachel inside of their balloons and friends (and family) sent a picture of Rachel attached to the balloons.

If you have found one of Rachel's balloons please say a prayer for Rachel and her family and sign our guestbook to let us know where and when you found it.

God Bless Rachel, her family and all those that she has touched in her short time here on earth!

Rachel Elaine Grapes Memorial Celebration 2009 Part 1

Rachel Elaine Grapes Memorial Celebration 2009 Part 2

Friday, November 6, 2009

So i found a picture at the Hamburg NY tops grocery store. on the back of the picture it askes to visit this site and post when and where i found it. today is October 29, 2009 and it was found at aproximately 1:30pm in the dining area of the store. I myself work there and was cleaning the area. I dont know if you wish to have the picture returned or if you wish to have it placed in a random place so that another person might discover it(i am willing to do either) Although i don't personally subscribe to religious view points any more i did find it rather interesting that your baby girl was born the same day as i was October 8, 1983. i suppose with all honesty it is the only reason i took the time to post this comment. if you wish to reach me to let me know what to do with this photo you can e-mail me at mr_mart1n@yahoo.com. i am sorry for the loss of your daughter and i hope that your next child comes into this world as healthy and happy as could be. best wishes to you and your family.

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